Without the ability to influence, you lose investors, employees are less engaged and productive, and your customers won't buy. Sounds like influence is the secret ingredient to every great entrepreneurial recipe.


The 50-Point Public Speaking Checklist

Getting in front of people is part of being an entrepreneur. Pitching, selling, delivering presentations, etc. can all be improved with a few simple tips. These tips were gathered through extensive training and years of experience as a professional keynote speaker, magician, traveling salesperson, and business owner.

If you don't run EVERY presentation through this checklist, you are losing money.


The Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Elevator Pitch

The client of your dreams asks, “What do you do?” How do you answer that in 20 seconds in such a way that gets them interested? The answer is simple. You need an elevator pitch for your elevator pitch.

This PDF contains both my word-for-word elevator pitch, my elevator pitch’s elevator pitch, and the science behind what makes it all so effective.

People are always asking, "What do you do?" Without the right answer, you're flushing real opportunity down the toilet every time.


The Influence Cheat Sheet - 61 Science-Based Sales Techniques

Beginning with Robert Cialdini’s six techniques from his classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, this handy reference guide briefly details influence techniques gathered from a wide range of psychological literature.

The more influential components your communication contains, the more likely it is to succeed. However, without at least one of these universal techniques, it will surely fail.