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Earn Attention. Build Connection. Motivate Action.


It's getting harder and harder to grab attention and build connection in today's digital world. No one understands this better than author, magician, and psychological influence expert, Tim David. His simple, science-based strategies have helped managers, leaders, salespeople, and entrepreneurs turn frustrating interactions into moments of real and lasting influence.


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Boost sagging sales numbers with ethical and powerful influence strategies. Without influence, there are no sales.

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Stop feeling like a babysitter! If you have a position of authority (or aspire to), then long-lasting, relationship-based influence is your key to the top. When influence breaks down, so does leadership.

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Pitching, networking, negotiating, delegating, etc. You wear a lot of hats and it seems like every one of them demands that you become more influential.

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Something Else?

Maybe the kind of influence you're looking for doesn't fit neatly into one of the business categories above. Whether you're a parent, teacher, doctor, lawyer, poker player, law enforcement officer, fundraiser, speaker, service-provider, politician, lover, co-worker, or friend, chances are, there is someone you want to connect with better. If you live and work with people, then you want to know how people work. These universal principles of influence are guaranteed to make you good at people.

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