There's a lot about your job you can't control. The products you sell, the prospects you target, or the programs you use might be out of your hands. One thing you DO have control over is how you interact with people during moments of influence. What you say and how you say it absolutely makes a difference. These free resources will transform your approach and turn around your lagging results. I can't imagine trying to sell anything without being armed with these free, high-value tools.


The Best Sales Tips From The Top Ten Influence Experts of 2016

This ebook documents Tim David's interviews with some of the TOP minds in the field of influence today. Including #1 NY Times bestselling authors, and world-renowned experts, Dan Pink, Nir Eyal, Tiffani Bova, Frank Kern, Jonah Berger, Dan Ariely, and of course, the "Godfather of Influence" himself, Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Learn about their recent contributions to the science of influence and their BEST tips for salespeople. These strategies have sold literally BILLIONS worth of products and services. It would be flat-out irresponsible not to study every page of this document.

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The Influence Cheat Sheet - 61 Science-Based Sales Techniques

The more influential components your communication contains, the more likely it is to succeed. Science has uncovered some powerful techniques. If you don't know about them, then you're behind the times and losing sales.

Beginning with Robert Cialdini’s six techniques from his classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, this handy reference guide details influence techniques gathered from a wide range of psychological literature.

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Selling for Introverts

The only reason introverts typically HATE sales is because they've never been taught how to sell like an introvert. Introverts have many natural gifts and abilities that are wasted with traditional sales training and methodologies.

The answer is NOT to "become more extroverted" as some have suggested. This program will help introverts (and the sales managers who lead them) understand how to better tap into the many surprising advantages of being an introvert who sells. Don't let sales be soul-sucking and life-draining for you.

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