Would you rather feel like a real boss instead of like a babysitter? Are you tired of the chronic complainers, negative Nellies, and time vampires who drain the energy out of your entire team? Don't you want more time to deal with all of that AND still have time to get your own job done? It's not your fault. They just don't teach this stuff in school.

I have good news. Effective influence is the secret sauce that will give you your life back - and it's actually much easier than you think. The free resources below offer tips you can use right away to motivate an under-performing team and clear away the negative work culture that is bringing everyone down - yourself included.


EBOOK: 19 Things Managers Should NEVER Say (But Probably Do Anyway...)

These are so common that you're probably saying at least twenty of them. After researching and writing Magic Words I realized there are a lot of ways to say things right, but FAR more ways to say them WRONG.

I guarantee these words and phrases are causing you to miss out on time, energy, and even money that you don't even realize you're missing out on. BOTTOM LINE: If you say these things, you're killing your influence.


INTERVIEW: The Five COmponents of An Effective "THANKS"

"People don't quit their job, they quit their boss."

...And the number one reason people quit their boss is because they feel under-appreciated. You might be saying "Thanks," but without these five components, it's simply not enough.

NOTE: This is a short audio interview with gratitude researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Froh.


TELESEMINAR: Stop Feeling Like A Babysitter - Seven Simple Steps That Turn Problem Employees into Key Players

The most common complaint I hear from managers is that they feel like a babysitter. Have you ever felt like you run a daycare center instead of an office? These "Seven Simple Steps for Turning Problem Employees into Key Players" will fix that.

Download the .mp3 below and listen to it while you’re driving to work. There’s also a 1-page PDF handout that goes with it so you can take notes. (But let’s not do THAT while you’re driving.)