Leaving an Online Book Review: One of the BEST Ways to Help

Reviews from readers are a HUGE part of today's book industry. Reviews help shoppers to make better decisions, retailers to sell more books, and authors to get noticed. Just to put the power of an individual reader's book review in perspective, The New York Times did a review of one of my books. It was nice, but I'd rather have an honest review from you.

I hate that I have to specify honest but unfortunately, fake reviews are becoming a real problem. So please use one (or all) of the links below to post your HONEST review(s) of TRUE Influence - The Magic of Human Connection. It's perfectly acceptable to copy and paste your review to multiple web sites and it does not matter which format you read (paperback, kindle, ebook, audiobook).

Oh, and before you do anything...Thank you. This is a HUGE help and my gratitude for each and every review cannot be overstated. Yes, I do still read them all.



Yup. The 800-pound gorilla. This place sells a TON of books and there's no better place to post your review than Amazon. A review here is better than a review in the NY Times because it lasts.



I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of this site. It's like Facebook, but for avid readers. It's a great way to discover new books and authors. A review here is a close second to Amazon.


Your Own Review

Do you run a blog, podcast, newsletter, book club, or web site and want to feature a review of TRUE Influence? Let me know. I'd love to collaborate with you to make it a huge success.