The Influential Power of Your Voice - Tim David Interviews Julian Treasure

Here are the QUESTIONS I asked Julian Treasure…

1:27 How much are we judged by the sound of our voices?

2:50 Do we REALLY elect politicians based on the sound of their voice?

6:26 When I change my voice for the better, part of me feels like a piece of my own natural personality is gone. Which is it? Is it personal improvement or just plain being a phony, a fraud, and a fake?

9:10 We’re taught to match or mirror the other person for effective rapport and influence. What if that person is using poor vocal technique?

11:34 Is it a bigger compliment when someone says, “Julian, I could speak with you all day” or “Julian, I could listen to you all day”?

13:25 They say that in sales, you’re supposed to only be doing 15-20% of the talking. Is it possible to get people to talk to you more?

15:05 Contrast content with delivery.

16:40 In all cases, are fewer words better than more words?

18:27 There’s a lot of pressure in the marketing space to put out LOTS of content. But even if there are many individual pieces, they all should still be clear and concise bits, yes?

20:56 Amy Cuddy talks about “Power Posing” - when you put your body in a position of confidence, you feel confident. Do you believer there is a similar “Power VOICE” - where if you speak with proper technique, it will affect how you feel inside?

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